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Photo of the author. Well at least the Paper Bats look cute !

He grew up in Cambridge, England, but now lives in London, and has  two children.

He spent many years working in an investment bank, but left for teaching – keeps his mind young!

INTERESTS: Children’s story telling, mountaineering, conservation [particularly of bats. He sponsored a breeding programme of rare Rodrigues Fruit Bats at Jersey Zoo, alongside another keen bat loving person, Monty Python’s John Cleese. He writes these books to help publicise the plight of several rare species of fruit bats, and hopes the books will eventually bring more positive attention to fruit bats.

 He is presently seeking a publisher to support the launch and marketing of the PaperBats’ many adventures.           Can be contacted here or on  jerry_evans_uk@yahoo.co.uk

Several individual books have been written on The PaperBats, each comprising two parts, totalling 24 pages and around 3500 words.

First book ; which represents chapters 1 and 2 , follows an initial story of how Jack [a young lad who lives nearby meets the youngest of the PaperBats- Sunny]. The second part is where Grandpa Times tell the children bats how they became to be made of paper, due to a nasty goblin. 

The second book; comprises stories about the twins [Tel and Metro] getting into trouble whilst getting their dad a birthday present. And another story about how Metro’s invention saves the park [and themselves] from a dangerous fire.

The third book,[not yet available on the site] follows young Sunny on her flying lesson around her park, and also an adventure where the PaperBats meet some bullying parrots who try to take over their park. 

Hope you enjoy them as much as the author’s children have, when they were growing up.


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    I think these stories are delightful and anything done to encourage others to think of the animals and creatures of our world is supported by me. I wish you tremendous luck in getting these books published and will try to help lend support where I can. Lorraine x

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